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Products' personalize & engrave services

Personalize & Engrave

If engraving is available for a product, the engraving option will be available on the product page. For all products that can be engraved, please see below for the engraving details.

A maximum of 15 characters can be engraved on each product, including letters, numbers and any of the options on your keyboard!

Where will your engravings appear?

Bracelet: The back of the plate on the bracelet

Ring: The middle of the shank on the inner part of the back of the ring

Necklace: The back of the plate on the necklace

Pendant: The middle of the pendant

Engraving picture will vary by product and the size of the product.
Customizable and engraved products are not eligible for exchanges and refunds.

Videos are for reference only. Got further questions about engraving? We have the answers! Contact us and we'll get you sorted!

Pendant Engraving
Ring Engraving
Chain Engraving