Silver tends to tarnish over time. Aequa & Co. recommends:

  • Storing in a cool, dark place and avoiding prolonged sunlight exposure
  • If possible, wear the piece often - your skin’s natural oils will help maintain the silver’s sheen
  • Keep away from chemicals like beauty products or deep cleaning agents
  • The easiest washing option is to use soap and water, however you can also bathe your silver in a half cup of white vinegar mixed with 2 tablespoons of baking soda for 2 to 3 hours. Remember to rinse it afterwards

Gold might lose its lustre if overly exposed to certain products. Aequa & Co. recommends:

  • Keeping it away from corrosive or abrasive chemicals, chlorine in particular
  • For gold, skin oils aren’t ideal. You’ll want to soak your jewellery in a solution that is five parts warm water and one part dish soap
  • Leave it there for three hours, then gently scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Finally, rinse and dry with a cloth

Meteorite stones are naturally iron-rich and will rust over time. While the process can be beautiful and is a sign of their authenticity, you can slow it down by doing the following:

  • Use a Q-tip to apply CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust remover) to the spots of interest
  • Rinse with alcohol as close to 100% as possible
  • Brush earnestly to remove all CLR, rinse again
  • Lastly, coat the stone in a high-quality, light oil

While nylon is extremely strong, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant it can still get stained and suffer from wear and tear. Aequa & Co. suggest: 

  • Wash it with warm water and light or diluted dish-soap if the jewellery’s other components allow it

Turquoise’s natural lustre can fade if exposed to chemicals and strong soaps. Aequa & Co. suggest:

  • Softly scrub the turquoise with a wet toothbrush
  • Dry it off with a clean, soft fabric
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on turquoise

Pearls are quite sensitive, so Aequa & Co. recommends care after each use. Please:

  • Avoid contact with any beauty products, including makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume
  • Wipe with a soft cloth after use. If any stains are visible, you may apply a damp cloth
  • Storing them in a dedicated space will avoid them getting scratched
  • Lastly, wear them often as natural skin oil gives them much-needed moisture

Black Rhodium, though naturally resistant, can be worn down over time. Aequa & Co. suggests:

  • Taking off your Black Rhodium rings and bracelets before doing manual work
  • Avoiding contact with soap and chemicals
  • Avoiding extended contact with water (i.e. showering or bathing)

To keep enamel bright, Aequa & Co. recommends:

  • Keeping it away from chemicals
  • Avoiding exposure to salt or chlorinated water
  • Removing it before exercise
  • Do not use ultrasonic or ammonia based cleaners
  • To wash, gently rub with a damp, soft fabric