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About Aequa & Co.

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Have you ever felt like, “I want to remember this for the rest of my life. THIS, this is something worth remembering.”

Picture this: the outfit you wore on the first date with the person you finally had the courage to ask out. (The date you were really, really nervous about that you changed your outfit, like, three times.) Can you recall the exact top, jacket, or shoes? Maybe the watch that you wore?

Every single one of these pieces capture those moments. Those monumental, fantastical, fireworks going off in the background type of moments that should never be forgotten. 

Well, we’re here to help you preserve those moments with one-of-a-kind pieces.

We’ve designed every Aequa & Co. collection to reflect a unique style but you’re the only one who can make it meaningful. Who the heck says fine jewelry is only for special occasions? That bracelet you wear every day? That tells the world exactly who you are – a force to be reckoned with. This life, your style, and everything about you is in YOUR hands. So let your individuality speak for itself; don’t settle for the basics — why be like everyone else when you can be yourself? 

Made from high quality gold, sterling silver, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, our fine jewelry pieces are made to last. We’ve made them with all the quality but without the crazy mark-ups. With authentic materials and thoughtful designs, each piece will be with you both through the day-to-day moments as well as the special once-in-a-lifetime occasions that deserve to be commemorated. 

Color the chapters of your life with Aequa & Co. We can help you preserve these memories and show people the incredible person that you are.

We’re ready to journey with you. Are you ready to find your piece?

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We are


Our pieces last a lifetime. Made with high quality materials, our pieces can stay with you through every chapter of your life. Wear them every day – and even if you never take them off – they will still shine the same way they did when you first got them.

We are


We are risk-takers. What are rules?! We design our jewelry to turn heads and stand out. We dare to be nothing less than unique – nothing less than what you deserve.

We are


Fine jewelry doesn’t have to cost a ton. We want to bring you pieces you’ll love without breaking the bank. With various price points, find what works for you.

Letter From Our Founders

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for stepping in to experience the world of Aequa. At Aequa & Co., we aspire to create high-quality and imaginative jewelry designs. We believe that the perfect pieces can help individuals feel empowered and give everyone that extra push to go and get it. We love to challenge social norms, (men can pull off gemstones!) and, seeing the lack of affordable fine jewelry choices for men, we were inspired to become a staple choice for both women and men. 

Above all, we treasure experiences and admire a life well-lived. Full of wanderlust, we have travelled around the world learning about different cultures and going on adventures. Inspiration for Aequa & Co.’s unique designs stem from our experiences: we’ve seen how each culture and place treasure different gemstones and materials, and aspire to bring our love of color, vibrancy and playfulness into all collections.

Most importantly, we want the perfect piece to add to your shine. No matter who you are, Aequa & Co. can help you to express your own creative individuality. So, wear you.

With Love,