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Why Should Men Wear Gemstones?

Why Should Men Wear Gemstones?

The Rising Trend of Men’s Jewelry

Since ancient times, gemstones have exerted a spellbinding hold on mankind, sought after throughout history for their rarity, remarkable beauty, and mystical properties that are traditionally believed to bring the mind and body back into balance when worn close to the skin. Spanning a whole rainbow of colors and an endless range of patterns and textures, gemstones fall under an incredibly diverse category of jewelry, treasured not only by women but equally by their male counterparts. If you or the man in your life is looking to step up their fashion quotient, it’s time to take some notes! Read on as we take a deep dive into why gemstones make for a great addition to any men’s jewelry wardrobe and where you can buy gemstone jewelry for men online in Hong Kong, from rings and necklaces to beaded bracelets and more!

They’re at the cutting edge of style & fashion

While dressing up from head to toe in gaudy gemstones as a signifier of status may no longer be the Vogue-worthy look that it once was, there is no denying that well-designed and tastefully incorporated gemstone rings and beaded bracelets for men are experiencing a renaissance in Hong Kong and across the globe.

In the previous centuries, there were cultural boundaries dividing masculine and feminine jewelry, but now more than ever we are seeing jewelry as a means to express one’s personal style and individuality, and even as a representation of artistic culture. Venturing beyond the familiar staples of men’s jewelry fashion like cufflinks and tie clips, gemstones are climbing up the ranks of men’s fashion and emerging as an unstoppable trend. In Hong Kong, gemstones are increasingly incorporated into everyday wear for men in all jewelry forms, paired with the likes of silver chain necklaces, beaded bracelets, and 14k gold rings.

Gemstones are made to last

Unlike cheap jewelry made of plastic and base metals that are prone to wear and tear, gemstones are generally hard and durable. In truth, gemstones have different levels of toughness and durability—for instance, diamonds tend to be more durable than topaz or peridot. However, if you take care of them properly, your gemstone rings, bracelets, and necklaces can last you lifetimes, which is why they make for great heirloom pieces to pass down from generation to generation—for men and women alike!

That being said, the material used for the rest of your jewelry piece also matters. Ensure lasting durability by opting for high-quality materials like 14K gold and 925 sterling silver for the chain or band of your men’s gemstone rings and necklaces.

Express your personality

Gemstones come in a broad spectrum of hues, tones, and shades, each with its own qualities and “powers.” Thanks to their diverse mineral character, gemstones are an effortless yet striking way to inject your outfit with personality. You can select a gemstone that reflects your inner self or state of mind and wear it as a ring, bracelet, or necklace! Some of the most popular gemstones for men include:

  • White diamond: classic & timeless
  • Black diamond: modern & sophisticated
  • London blue topaz: fashionable & fun
  • Peridot: hype & trendy
  • Tiger eye: mysterious & powerful
  • Malachite: courageous & calm
  • Onyx: masculine & cool
  • Meteorite: rugged & rustic
  • Lapis: bold & adventurous

There is something for everyone

From the type of gemstone to casting design, there are infinite ways of mixing and matching so you can truly get creative with your jewelry. If diamond rings aren’t your style, then perhaps an eye-catching beaded bracelet with onyx and turquoise or this tiger king pendant necklace with 14K yellow gold is more to your speed—there is bound to be something for every man!

As a leading online jewelry shop in Hong Kong, Aequa & Co. is ready to help you find your perfect gemstone jewelry. In addition to our wide-ranging collection of gemstone jewelry pieces for men, Aequa & Co.‘s jewelry specialists can also help custom design your gemstone rings, bracelets and necklaces to meet your specific needs. No matter your personal sense of style, or whether you are looking to dress up or down, we can help realize your dream design. Contact Aequa & Co. today and discover the dazzling world of men’s gemstone jewelry.

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